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  • “How can I use Instagram and Pinterest to promote my art business?” – Olivia Franklin E65

Ep65 – Olivia Franklin is an oil painter from Marietta, Georgia. She paints anatomical self-portraits with anatomy as symbolism to evoke raw emotions.  Some of her subjects are motherhood, mental health, and postpartum anxiety. She’s at a growing point in her business where she’s getting into markets, her online views are going up, and she paints every day. Her business is on the way to where she wants it to be.

Olivia is very active on Instagram, but she’s wondering if she needs to change the way she’s using it. She’s been posting a couple of times a day, every day, but not getting any engagement or making the connections she’s looking for. Even though she finds Instagram frustrating, the platform has made it possible for Olivia to connect with other artists, small businesses and even people in her local area, so she knows it has value to her business. She doesn’t want to leave Instagram altogether, but she is struggling to decide what to do… should she stop devoting so much time to it and focus more of her attention on something like Pinterest where she is seeing a lot of growth?

Listen as I walk Olivia through making a mindset shift about marketing platforms and how to use them to complement her art business.


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Intuitive Art Sales with Jessica Craddock
Intuitive Art Sales with Jessica Craddock
"How can I use Instagram and Pinterest to promote my art business?" - Olivia Franklin E65
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