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  • “How can I better manage my time to create more art?” – Sandra Gale S2, E7
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Intuitive Art Sales with Jessica Craddock
"How can I better manage my time to create more art?" - Sandra Gale S2, E7

EP33: Sandra Gale is a color-loving artist from South Australia. She works in traditional media and about 18 months ago she developed a line of products with her unique artwork.

Creating Sandra Gale Studio allowed her to fulfill a dream of being her own boss and bringing happiness into the world with her bold, colorful style. Because of her background as an illustrator for another company, Sandra was very comfortable creating, publishing and printing. However, she faced a big learning curve when it came to the marketing, sales and operations side of the business.

While Sandra loves what she does, her biggest challenge is time management. She finds herself immersed in her product-based business which leaves no time to create. She is hoping to have the ability to hire an assistant once her business becomes more profitable.‌

Listen in as I teach Sandra how to take control of her time and see that making room in her schedule to create is possible.

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