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  • “How can I build meaningful online connections while saving time?” – Alexandra Verboom Fritz S2, E12
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Intuitive Art Sales with Jessica Craddock
"How can I build meaningful online connections while saving time?" - Alexandra Verboom Fritz S2, E12

EP38: Alexandra Verboom Fritz is a contemporary western artist whose art celebrates the cowboy culture alive in Canada. She is self-taught and considers herself to still be in the early part of her career as an artist.

Alexandra has been selling directly to customers at trade shows, art fairs and ranch rodeos, but she can only do so many events per year. Alexandra has a one-year-old and another little one on the way, so the amount of time she has available to travel to shows and to devote to her art is very limited. This has Alexandra feeling overwhelmed, and she knows that time will be even more limited when her second child arrives in August.

Alexandra loves to connect with people who are interested in her art. Her current project involves connecting face to face with local cowboys, listening to their stories, creating a series of paintings around those stories, and building an art show to showcase those pieces. But because of her current schedule, she needs to find an alternative way to make those connections and gather those stories. She is looking to create a plan of action to be more active online which will hopefully present new ways to connect and expanding her audience.

Another big challenge for Alexandra has been forecasting a regular monthly income given the fact that infrequent events have been her main source of income. She wants to determine a better business plan and general focus for her art career that will help her increase her income and maximize the time she has available.

‌Listen in as I help Alexandra create a plan to make genuine connections online and determine a clear focus for her art career.

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