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Have you ever experienced love at first sight? - EP23

EP23: Have you ever experienced love at first sight? I think we all have. It doesn’t have to be a romantic love, just a connection that is instantly made with another person. Love at first sight is when you see someone across the room and your first instinct is to say, “Yes, you’re my people!”

That’s what your ideal art buyer is. They’re someone that you make a connection with, someone that feels like your people. They might be someone who buys art from you, but, more importantly, they’re someone who helps you grow.

Ideal art buyers are just one of four different types of people that you need to build relationships with in your business. Putting effort into building these relationships helps your business grow faster, better and stronger.

In today’s episode I share some ways that you can learn how to identify the four types of people you need to be building relationships with, so listen in!

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