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  • Carrie Roseman: How Carrie uses the high-touch business model to net 50K+ months! – ASIS 1
Intuitive Art Sales with Jessica Craddock
Carrie Roseman: How Carrie uses the high-touch business model to net 50K+ months! - ASIS 1

EP39: The “Artist Success Interview Series” is a collection of interviews from artists who have had great success selling their art and reaching their goals. They’ll be sharing the biggest catalysts to their success and providing valuable tips that you can implement in your own business. 

Carrie Roseman is an artist and photography mentor who does portrait photography based in Connecticut. She works with boudoir, personal branding and beauty portraits. To date she has been a professional photographer for 19 years, moving full-time into portrait photography about 8 years ago.

Carrie’s specialty is in-person, high-touch sales. At the time of this interview, Carrie’s average portrait sale was $6,000, and she shared what has worked for her to net $50K months.

 For information on working with Jessica, send your questions/thoughts here: https://theartistmarket.co/contact/

 For more practical and energetic strategies to create consistent income and life balance, follow Jessica on Instagram @‌artistmarketco.


  • Wonderful interview! A must listen for any artist trying to grow personally and in their business. You really can’t separate it! This interview hit everything important that I need to hear – many times over. Action, repetition/consistency and most important: how you value yourself. Thanks for the helpful stories and personal experience you shared so authentically.

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