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  • “As a hobby artist, how do I attract buyers to increase sales?” – Kristine Hurd E74
Intuitive Art Sales with Jessica Craddock
Intuitive Art Sales with Jessica Craddock
"As a hobby artist, how do I attract buyers to increase sales?" - Kristine Hurd E74

Ep74 – Kristine Hurd is a mixed media artist from Saskatchewan who works with alcohol ink and enjoys fluid experimenting. She works full time outside of the home and paints for fun in her spare time. Kristine isn’t looking to turn her art into a full-time income, but she knows she must sell it to continue to do the thing that she loves. Being a very prolific painter, she faces the challenges of limited space and the cost of purchasing supplies.

Even though Kristine has a marketing degree, as an artist, she feels social media can be all-consuming. Because she paints for herself, Kristine feels that there isn’t really a story behind her art. Not knowing the story behind her art keeps Kristine from being able to identify who her target audience is. This makes it more challenging and tedious to come up with content for social media.

Listen in to learn what Kristine is missing and the advice I give her on finding and connecting with her ideal art buyer.

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