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1. Questions & Answers

A Facebook Group... just for members.

My inbox is stuffed guys! If you try to email me with a question, I won't be able to respond. In the Facebook group there are so many helpful people - you're sure to come away with the answer you've been searching for.

 I'll answer Q's in the group when I have time as well. This way everyone can benefit from the answer!

The password is: iwillsellart.
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    Click on the image to go to the Facebook Group.
  • 2
    Enter the password: iwillsellart. You must also promise to contribute as much as you ask of the group!
  • 3
    You'll be approved within 48 hours. But it's usually much less!
  • 4
    Create your first post. You may ask art marketing and business questions, ask for a critique of a piece (use a specific question), share something related with the group, or introduce yourself.
  • 5
    You may not try to sell art or promote events inside the group. You may not be critical, mean, or put anyone down. You will be deleted. Constructive criticism is allowed when said kindly followed by a suggestion to improve.

2. Get Your Expertise On

Click on a topic to learn how to be a successful online art shop owner.

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sell art on your website opt-in
sell art on your website opt-in
sell art on your website opt-in

3. Tools I Use & Recommend

If I've tested it, loved it and it will make your life easier... you'll find it in here.

4. Mantra Printable

Need a little motivation to keep you believing in your abilities? Print this out and nail it to your wall.

5. Level Up (Paid)

When you're ready to take your skills to the next level, you'll need this step-by-step advice. result

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