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scholarship program

Every quarter, The Artist Market Co. chooses a single mother who is struggling to make ends meet with her job, but is still fiercely set on becoming a respected artist. She wants to sell her art online and show her children that anything is possible with a dream, hard work and self-education. 

She’ll receive a scholarship to an Ideal Art Buyers Made Simple private intensive, including:

  • 'Light up your wildest dreams’ Client Profile We'll create a custom profile of your Ideal Art Buyer: what they want, why your art is valuable to them, and what you have in common so you have something to refer to when you are talking to her, deciding pricing or thinking up new ways to delight her.
  • 'Rewrite your history' 3 Month Custom Content Plan Using your Ideal Art Buyer profile, you'll know what to say to appeal to YOUR people, as well as the purpose of each social post, newsletter, and blog for the next three months. And it's flexible enough to be reusable! OMG, your life just got soooo much easier.
  • 'Museum victories' Website Audit & Game Plan Let's look at your website together so we can create a solid game plan to get your more email subscribers, simplify your main pages, and lead viewers where you want them to go so you can get your website really working for you  

 (a $1997 value)

If you fit this description, please tell me about yourself by clicking the button below to be considered. Please share with anyone you know who might fit this profile! 

Support the Arts

5% of all profits from The Artist Market Co. is set aside to purchase art from artist entrepreneurs selling online from their website.

My dream is to encourage a serge in the number of artists who are able to make a good living, improve their quality of life, and be a part of a renaissance movement in the process. 

Preference is given to artists on The Artist Market Co.’s mailing list.

if you struggle to afford basic human needs like food & shelter*...

But are dedicated and determined to sell your art online, and willing to put in the work,  enter your email address below and I’ll send you some free resources.

*Honor system, please!