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Foundations of Your Art-Selling Plan


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What’s included?

“A Clear Strategy for Making Sales” training

This hour-long training will show you how to make a sales plan that’s individual to you. You’ll learn what works to sell to YOUR people, organize your chaos into something that’s solid and well-grounded, and visually see all the things you can stop doing. Your efforts will start resulting in a bigger audience, more engagement, and more sales.

“Stay on Track” emails

Ten emails within the month to help you stay on track, follow through on the training with additional tips, mindset hacks and reminders of what to work on.

This offer does not include individual or email support, which is why I’m able to offer it at such a low price.

emiko venlet


a process that's going to run for years

As I was working on this training a lightbulb lightened up for ideas that I could never have thought of!!

I see some patterns of sales now too and the weird thing is... The more I learn about my path to sales the more I sell... Whether it's small piece or large, I have some kind of sales every week now!?

Before Anchored Artist, Jessica, I was showing my work on IG and people wanted my work but I could never have sales.

And now!!?? I'm thinking how I can better serve collectors and make them happy with my art and how I can make myself happy by selling my art!!!



When you enroll before the timer hits zero, you'll also get:

"Plan Your Week for Life Balance" bonus training


This short and sweet training is 30 minutes of how-to goodness so you can...

    Create more time for what you want to do: Give yourself more art-making time, market it more effectively, and still create time to be present with your kids, go hiking, or bake that cherry pie.
    Start gaining traction: It’s nearly impossible to get anything meaningful done when you’re buried under a never-ending to-do list of things you think you should be doing, or what everyone else told you to do. Time to cut the crap, and I’ll show you how.
    Get the life you want now instead of later: This training will show you how to create more space, art sales, and free-time while gifting yourself a creative lifestyle right now (instead of waiting for some distant future milestone)

Get $50 off + Plan Your Week for Life Balance

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