Earn More Money per Sale using Art Packages

By Jessica Craddock

Jul 10
make more money per art sale using packages

Do you wish you could charge more for each of your pieces, but you already feel like they're priced right and are afraid higher prices will hurt your sales? There is a better way! It just requires a little creative brainstorming and a new way of offering your art for sale. 

Some call it upselling, but the idea behind art packages is a little more targeted. You want to provide extra value to an item the customer already wants to buy, without outpricing buyers who can't afford more. 

The most successful art packages will be a combination of figuring out what will make your art worth more to your customer and using your own unique skills.

To help you know what your customer would want, brainstorm the following:

  • your niche (or typical customer demographic) and what products/causes/activities make them take out their pocketbook
  • what they might want or need to make your art more valuable or useful to them

Next make a list of your list of unique skills and talents that you bring to the table. This will help you think outside the box and have much more interesting art packages that will attract customers.

Example 1: Painter who dabbled in interior design before deciding Fine Art was a better fit
  • Product: Original painting
  • Package 1: Original painting with a 15 minute video consulation about how to frame it to look best with the buyer's room choice. 
  • Package 2: Original painting, pre-framed in a classic white to match any room.
Example 2: Illustrator who's decided to focus on young children's art
  • Product: Single downloadable art print for nursery
  • Package 1: Includes two additional pre-selected complimentary art prints for nursery at discounted rate
  • Package 2: Access to a library of additional downloadable art prints. Includes several pre-designed wall collages, a list of your favorite printers and recommended paper to print on.
Example 3: Commission artist who creates gifts for significant others inspired by their favorite couple photo.
  • Product: 8x10" canvas commission
  • Package 1: Includes process book with correspondence between the artist and the person commissioning the art, sketches, in-progress photos and a personalized, signed note from the artist.
  • Package 2: Includes finished canvas and a set of 20 image choices for commissioner to choose from. You schedule a photographer, scout a good location for a shoot, suggest a list of props or flattering clothing and send email reminders to all involved.

Wherever you offer something for sale, include the package choices on the same page so they have access to all their options. You might want to feature them with a short title and a link to a whole new sales page, or have a full description for each package underneath your product. 

Don't be afraid to offer a much-higher priced package. There is a good chance you will receive few, if any, of these sales, but it will help patrons to feel like the next-highest priced package is a pretty good deal. 

By offering thoughtful packages, you can easily double your profits without increasing the number of sales you need to make. 

About the Author

I’m a mentor for intuitive visual artists to sell more work, more consistently, at higher prices — with better work/life balance. Founder @ The Artist Market Co.