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how to write an about page for your artist website
Apr 03

Write an Artist About Page that Doesn’t Suck

By Jessica Craddock

Most people know they should include an artist about page on their website, but its often an afterthought. Was your about page one of the quickest pages to throw up? Did it take slightly more time to put together than your contact page, but less than all your other pages? This is BAD!!​ Statistically, the about page is […]

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20 tips to build out artist website
Mar 27

Create a Killer Artist Website

By Jessica Craddock

Before we get started, a disclaimer: Not everyone is going to agree with all of my views on artist websites. In fact, some of them may be a bit controversial. I’ve written this article with three beliefs in mind. I believe in marketing to the everyday person where art can be held and touched and seen everyday. […]

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