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to Sell (Much) More Art

Coffee and a journal till 10am. 

Studio time the rest of the morning. 
A late leisurely lunch followed by meetings with collaborators to promote your work.
Then it's time for a walk and games with the kids.

This is the dream, isn't it?

So what's keeping you from it?

    Maybe you always feel like you need to do more (because people say they love your work but they aren't buying it.)
    You're not sure if others will take you seriously if you start saying, "I'm an artist."
    You're just waiting for someone to give you "The Plan" and show you what to do.

It's time to stop putting it off.

Your website/art style/cv (or whatever reason you're giving yourself to wait on putting yourself out there) will always be evolving -- and that's a good thing!

Are you going to keep waiting until every piece you make is a masterpiece before you start learning how to treat your art like a real business?

Your marketing and selling skills need to grow along with your art so they can be equally matched. So the better you become, the less you'll have to focus on selling and can put your attention on creating.

Don't find yourself someday as a newbie at selling art when you've got closets full of art genius. What a waste of talent and time that would be!

The good news is -- 

When you make the decision you are ready to take your art seriously, even if you've still got a little imposter syndrome going deep down, I can show you how to sell it.

And it doesn't have to be scattered or scary. 

Selling your art can be exciting, creative, and fun!

In this free training --

You'll learn the proven framework to start joyfully selling your art now, even if you're not sure you're ready.

I'll show you exactly what it'll take to make the shift from putting off selling your art and fighting comparisonitis to...


From comparisionitis to thriving artist --

Join me in this free training to learn how to stop thinking about what you want and start making it happen now!


My heart is full

Another piece sold and another inquiry is coming in... The buyer said that my pieces makes her smile... 

Another client is buying two pieces of my work. It's really a thing now.

My heart is just full! Feels amazing!

Emiko Venlet

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