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Limited Time Bonuses

Join Anchored Artist by OCT 31st for these amazing bonuses:
Art School Critique Sessions
led by full-time artist
Deeann Rieves

(October, November, December only)

  • Give your art the attention it deserves
    Have an excuse to give your art dedicated time and attention so it can grow and develop
  • Polish your art
    Sometimes all you need to make a good piece great is fresh eyes to see the tweaks that will elevate it.
  • Realize your art's worth
    We tend to be uber critical of our own work. Give yourself a break and let others boost your confidence for once.
The Artist Market | Successful Marketing Plan for Artists
Plan Your Week System

(Delivered first week of November

as a recorded masterclass)

  • More time for what you want to do
    Give yourself more consistency with your painting and marketing time, while still creating more time to be present with your kids
  • Start gaining traction
    Find more time everyday, so you can stop rushing around and take "I don't have enough time" out of the things holding you back
Pay in full for six months by OCT 31st and you'll also get:
Ideal Art Buyer Resource Library

(Access within 24 hours of payment)

  • Save time and brainpower
    These templates, examples and ideas will help you dramatically cut down on the time it takes to do things like write social media posts, homepages, email welcome sequences, keywords and more.
  • Create relatable marketing resources
    Each of these resources is geared toward helping you lure in your Ideal Art Buyer, instead of just being general marketing advice for anyone.

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