A masterclass for artists who want a roadmap to get in front of the right people...

Stand out in the crowded world of artists 

using these 3 Strategies to Find YOUR Ideal Art Buyers

So you can stop taking a scattergun approach to promoting yourself, attract the people who want to buy your art, and reach a bigger audience.




I had a total breakthrough to understand who my Ideal Art Buyer really is so I can connect with them on a deeper level by talking about things I am interested in already.

It seems like a no brainer, but I couldn't figure it out on my own.

Deeann Rieves

In this training, you’ll learn…

    The ultra-efficient way to figure out what your Ideal Art Buyers have in common, and why it’s unique to you. (The answer is not that they’re a rich doctor, art collector, or interior designer.)

    A simple strategy to help you sell more art EVEN IF you’ve read all the marketing articles with little results or you have trouble seeing yourself as an actual artist.

    The three-step system to find new audiences who will love your art. You’ll be able to spread the word about what you’re doing and be confident you’re on the right path.


my business is shifting!

 Now, more ideal potential collectors are finding me. My business is shifting!

Tara Leaver

You can’t afford to miss this one-of-a-kind training if you…


    Would love to learn how you could focus more when promoting your art (because you don’t have time to waste on second-guessing every social media post you write).

  • Have a hard time describing your art and writing compelling content—luckily it doesn't take a Master’s in marketing to connect with people who are willing to buy.
    Can’t tie together the 'why' behind your art. It's kind of almost there but still elusive. You feel like once you find your purpose, it’ll all come together… but you’ve felt that way for years now, and you’re still no closer to having a useable strategy to become a working artist. 
    Think marketing your work would be easier and less intimidating if you knew who you were talking to and could tailor your message to their interests. 

You with me

so far?


This isn’t a one-size-fits-all training, because you are one-of-a-kind..

YOUR art + YOUR uniqueness = YOUR audience.

You could spend years trying to figure out who your audience is on your own -- I know you probably have already -- or you could let me break it down for you in simple-to-understand terms in this FREE hour long training.

You’ll walk away knowing who is worth spending time with to grow your art business, and how marketing can be so much more fun if you follow this simple advice. You'll learn why certain people are more likely to buy your art, what you have in common with them, and where to start looking for them.

At the end, I’ll share how you can get even more personalized support to connect with your audience inside Anchored Artist, my group coaching program for artists who have decided to stop saying "I should be able to do it myself" and are ready to build a profitable art business in six months.


I know you having been dreaming for years about what it would be like to call yourself an artist without feeling that twinge of "but am I really?"

Those feelings happen to everyone. They're there to keep you safe, but they're also holding you back. If you're ready to move past them -- thank them for doing their job, then let them know you've outgrown them.

I invite you to give yourself permission to treat your art like a business (instead of a hobby) and start giving your dreams a chance to grow.

By watching this masterclass, I'll help you reclaim the time you spend reading all those Pinterest articles about how to narrow down your audience and start using that time to practice your craft instead.

Just like you've learned to turn an idea into a finished work of art -- you can learn to do the same with your daydreams. This FREE training will give you LOADS of must-have clarity around who will buy your art and where to find them. Guaranteed.

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Do the work and create your luck, 

The Artist Market Successful Marketing Plan for Artists
The Artist Market | Successful Marketing Plan for Artists

connection makes it easier

Before Jessica, I really, really didn't know who would buy my prints.

I am surprised how much much the ideal art buyer comes into my marketing now and completes it. The level of connection makes it so much easier -- it really works. 

Jacqueline Bonay
The Artist Market | Successful Marketing Plan for Artists


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