Don't have the cash to work with an art-selling coach?

Don't worry, these lessons are just as good, for $1000's of dolla bills less.

Starter Kit - $120 $90

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Everything you need to create a solid foundation to start selling your art online. 

Artist Instagram - $30

Stop struggling with Instagram and learn where to focus your attention.

  • LESSON 1. These 4 Tips Will Make Your Profile Work Harder
  • LESSON 2. Stop ​​​​Wasting Your Time with the Wrong Hashtags
  • LESSON 3. Is Growth Stalling on Your Instagram Account?
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    LESSON 4. Are Your Posts "Blah"? Learn to Make Them Shine.

Artist Website - $30

Learn to bring more personality into your website in a way that sells.

  • LESSON 1. 20 Tips to Create a Killer Artist Website
  • LESSON 2. Write an Artist About Page that Doesn't Suck
  • LESSON 3. 14 Ways to Write a Best-Selling Art Description
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    LESSON 4. 11 Tips to Write an Outstanding Contact Page

Set-up Email Marketing - $30

Remove all the blocks and get it done.

  • LESSON 1. Why You Absolutely Must Have an Email List
  • LESSON 2. How to Set Up Your First Email List in MailChimp
  • LESSON 3. Create a Landing Page & Freebie in Squarespace
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    LESSON 4. How to Set Up Your Welcome Email in MailChimp
More lessons coming soon...

Marketing 101 - $30

Learn to describe yourself in a way that makes people interested in you and your art.

  • LESSON 1. How to Choose Your Genuine Target Market
  • LESSON 2. How to Write a Focused Elevator Speech
  • LESSON 3. The #1 Reason People Aren't Buying Your Art
  • LESSON 4. How to Price Your Original Artwork
basic marketing for artists

Start Email Marketing - $30

Finally get a grasp on email marketing by making it considerably less painful than figuring it all out on your own.

  • LESSON 1. Three Super Simple Ways to Promote Your Email List
  • LESSON 2. How & Why You Should Create an Inspiring Giveaway
  • LESSON 3. What the Heck Should I Send Emails About?!
  • LESSON 4. How to Create Emails that Sell Art (without Being Pushy)
start email marketing for artists