See Your Dream Come to Life

By Jessica Craddock | Artist Business Plan

Jan 22
See your art dream come to life

How would your life look if you could make a good living selling art?

Last week we talked about WHY you want to sell your art. Not just “to make money”, but the deep down reason you want to make that money in the first place. (Or maybe it has nothing to do with money!)

I received so many good answers!! You said things like: 

  • To be a little independent
  • check
    To show others that when they connect to their creativity, they can change the world
  • check
    To build a cabin in the woods and feel more alive
  • check
    So that I can spend my days creating art at home in my studio rather than working for someone else full-time
  • check
    To create a legacy
  • Because I am ready for an adventure
  • To help others heal and find their own creative dream

Now, here’s the deal. 

Maybe you’ll be able to hold on to that picture of a dream just by saying it out loud. 

But for most of us, to really KNOW something we have to see it. Artists are visually minded. Seeing it helps it become engrained in our minds. 

So here’s what I want you to do. 

Write down your reason(s) on a piece of paper. As you look at it, I want you to create a Pinterest board showcasing what your life would look like if your reason became everyday reality. 

One of my big reasons to earn money is stability, so even if my world gets turned upside down, I can give my two little ones a lovely life with their mother by their side.

My images reflect our idea of a perfect home life for that reason. Here’s a sneak peak:

artist business vision board
artist business vision board
artist business vision board
artist business vision board
artist business vision board
artist business vision board
artist business vision board
artist business vision board
artist business vision board

(If you want to see the whole board for inspiration, click: “I want to sell art so I can...)

Now it’s your turn!

homework for an artist's online art business

Create a board that showcases the life you want (and email me a link, please)

Once you know why you want it, and you can see what you want laid out before you, there’ll be no turning back on your resolutions this year.

Do the work & create your luck,

P.S. Next week we’ll talk about how to make a plan to make this dream real! Yaaaayyy!!

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About the Author

Jessica Craddock is a consultant for artist entrepreneurs who are building their following online but haven’t figured out how to sell regularly. They’re deciding the world doesn’t understand or appreciate their art enough to buy it and self doubt is creeping in. She teaches them to present their art in ways that are “authentically them” so they can sell more through their website & spend their days creating beautiful things.