How do you conjure creative sparks?

By Jessica Craddock | Weekly tips

Jun 26

It's 9 o'clock in the morning. You've scheduled the next two hours solely for the purpose of making art for your next show/commission/100 day project/fill-in-the-blank, so you sit down to make something and bam! a masterpiece is born. Right? 


If not, what do you do? Do you...

  • Just sit there and stare at the canvas?
  • Move your brush around and hope something comes to you?
  • Look at other people's art?

There is no wrong answer, but when you notice something actually works (and you think it worked once or twice before), make a mental note.

The next time you are bumbling around wondering how to start, you can pull that ritual out of your imaginary toolbox and see if it works again. 

Personally, I like to have an idea before I sit down. Some things that work for me are...

  • Driving long distances. My house is 45 minutes from the grocery store - so this one happens a lot.
  • Yoga, pulling weeds or other not-too-strenuous exercise
  • Lying in bed before I fall asleep

Basically, I've noticed when I stop trying and let my brain drift off is when the good stuff comes to me. 

Since I know this about myself, I can do more of these activities more if I'm in a rut. 

What do you do when you're needing your creativity to kick into overdrive?

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About the Author

Jessica Craddock is a consultant for artist entrepreneurs who are building their following online but haven’t figured out how to sell regularly. They’re deciding the world doesn’t understand or appreciate their art enough to buy it and self doubt is creeping in. She teaches them to present their art in ways that are “authentically them” so they can sell more through their website & spend their days creating beautiful things.